Thursday, April 25, 2013


        1. Round Neck Coat  |  2. Mesh Crop Top  |  3. Rammie Blouse  |  4. Biker Jacket  |  5. Bow Dress
         6. Tip Waist Belt  |  7. Leather Skirt  |  8. Sport Sandal  |  9. Mini Shopper  |  10. Cole Ashby Jeans

For a while my style has only involved in wearing monochrome, as I think it's simple yet so stylish and easy to piece together when adding a little colour. Karl Lagerfeld has always been one of my style inspirations and I can't express my love for that man! However, lately I have been noticing a lot of beautiful white looks and I couldn't help but notice some key pieces which I think would look amazing for summer. Number 1 on my wishlist has to be my ultimate favourite. I've wanted a long white blazer for absolutely ages, all the ones I have seen/tried on have either been too long, too short, it doesn't fit right or it's out of my budget. Then I came across this one on Zara's website and I'm hoping this is the one! The cut looks perfect and it would be so easy to piece other garments with it! It's definitely a must have of mine for spring/summer this year. Number 8 on my wishlist - the sport sandal, I wasn't a fan when they kept cropping up on the catwalk but they have actually grown on me. They look so elegant and would definitely look cute with a lot of pieces I have already. I've been wearing monochrome for a while and unfortunately it's only now came on trend so I think I'll be swapping my wardrobe from monochrome to white, these pieces will definitely be at the top of my list.

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