Thursday, March 21, 2013

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Skincare Review

I thought it was about time I did my first review about some products, and I've been wanting to review this skincare brand for a while. Like with any skincare range, its a risk whether your skin will get on with new products, so it would make sense to always try out some samples of a range that
are bigger than any tiny freebie sachets.

I've personally struggled with my skin throughout my teenage years and I've been on all sorts of medication for it. It was only the start of last year I found the medication which suited me! All the high-street products which I had used in the past I formed a type of a allergic reaction so eventually, I found out I'm allergic to perfumed/alcohol skincare and some makeup products. I finally got to see a dermatologist last year and before hand I didn't have a proper skincare regime (which was obviously doing more damage) so my dermatologist recommended me this incredible skincare range which I now swear by. La Roche-Posay (Effaclar range), which I hadn't ever given the time to look at before. I suffer from incredibly oily skin so this skincare range is perfect for myself and for anyone who suffers from oily to sensitive skin and you can purchase it from local Boots stores.

1. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Thermal Spring Water - £7.50 (150g)
The thermal spring water softens and soothes the skin which is perfect for any skin type (especially sensitive skin!). It can also be used instead of a toner and part of a cleansing routine for morning and evenings. Spray on the face from a far distance, leave it to soothe into the skin for 2-3 minutes and wipe of excess. (This product is perfect to remove makeup if you can't be bothered to use the purifying foaming gel after a long night out!)

2. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel - £10.21
The purifying foaming gel is wonderful! It's for both women and men for combination, oily, spot and blemish-prone skin. It cleanses the skin removing excess sebum (the oil on your skin) and leaves the skin feeling really refreshed. You just apply every morning/evening by wetting hands, taking a small amount of gel and lather onto the face massaging gently. Rinse well with water after!

3. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Astringent Lotion, Micro - Exfoliant £11.00
The micro-exfoliant lotion is for oily, imperfection and spot-prone skin. It's brilliant for unclogging pores and visibly reducing them. Your skin's texture will be left feeling smooth and refreshed. Apply gently with a damp cotton wool to the face and neck every morning/evening. This product is not for inflammatory acne.

4. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mattifying Sebo-Regulating Moisturizer - £13-£14
I swear by this moisturizer as it's for oily skin, prone to imperfections and shine. It moisturizes and mattifies the skin which controls shine throughout the day. After applying, the skin feels smoother and it's a perfect makeup base! It also reduces pores and redness. You apply morning/evening to the whole face (avoiding eye area). I would especially recommend this product to anyone with sensitive/oily skin from this range.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BB / Feathers

First post in a while due to being so busy with work, interviews and college interviews! But I'm back! And I'll be blogging a lot more now (especially to do with makeup/skincare). After working on various make-up counters for eight months I started working for Bobbi Brown temporarily and finished last weekend. I learned more than I ever imagined and met some of the nicest people. Overall I gained so much experience within the time I was a make-up artist there! The best part were the makeup lessons Bobbi Brown do where you pick up skills and knowledge really quick. It was so much fun! Anyone who says working on a busy counter isn't hard.. they have no idea. I'll be back working for various makeup counters again whilst building up my portfolio aside.

I did makeup for a shoot on Monday where the theme was 'feathers'. It went better than expected and I worked on such a doll-like model: Sophia  @ Zephyr Models and a great team! The styling was also brilliant, mainly focusing on bold-statement jewellery. I worked with photographer Sophie Ellen and stylist Helen Hird who has a lovely blog which you can find here.