Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BB / Feathers

First post in a while due to being so busy with work, interviews and college interviews! But I'm back! And I'll be blogging a lot more now (especially to do with makeup/skincare). After working on various make-up counters for eight months I started working for Bobbi Brown temporarily and finished last weekend. I learned more than I ever imagined and met some of the nicest people. Overall I gained so much experience within the time I was a make-up artist there! The best part were the makeup lessons Bobbi Brown do where you pick up skills and knowledge really quick. It was so much fun! Anyone who says working on a busy counter isn't hard.. they have no idea. I'll be back working for various makeup counters again whilst building up my portfolio aside.

I did makeup for a shoot on Monday where the theme was 'feathers'. It went better than expected and I worked on such a doll-like model: Sophia  @ Zephyr Models and a great team! The styling was also brilliant, mainly focusing on bold-statement jewellery. I worked with photographer Sophie Ellen and stylist Helen Hird who has a lovely blog which you can find here.

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