Sunday, April 21, 2013

Natural Gothic Themed Shoot

Photography/Styling: Rachel Abraham
Hair/MUA: Allana Brinkmann
Model: Sorcha Piotrowski

On Thursday I had a re-scheduled shoot in a beautiful church where the theme was a 'natural gothic' look. It was planned for a while so I had quite a bit of time for preparation and it certainly paid off! I did 4 different looks, creating a neutral eye base with gold glitter in the inner corners of the eyes (these photos don't really do any justice). As we were flying through the shoot I only retouched a few little areas such as: changing the lip colour, contouring a little more and then on the last look I blended 'carbon' eyeshadow around the bottom lash line to create a 'grunge' look. The shoot went unbelievably well considering I never stopped shivering in the church and it was incredibly hard to apply lipstick and eyeshadow! Overall I'm so excited to receive the final photo's back and this is one of the few shoots that I'm really pleased with. I got to work with a lovely team and a stunning model :) Rachel's website can be found here and Sorcha's blog can be found here.

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