Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Makeup Wishlist SS13

1. Brow Palette  |  2. Doll Eyes Palette  |  3. Forecast Lips |  4. Flushed Palette  |  5. Paint Stick
6. Colour Base   |  7. Cream Colour Palette  |  8. Face Palette  |  9. Super Foundation  |  10. Tapered Brush
11. Setting Spray  |  12. RiRi Woo  |  13. Pigment  |  14. Bronzer  |  15. Glitter  |  16. Tinted Moisturizer

I've tried my hardest to limit myself to as little as possible for my makeup wishlist. But as a makeup artist myself I want another 200 products on top of this, and I would probably be blogging all day! As you can see I have quite a few palettes on my wishlist, and that's because they're so much easier to work with on shoots instead of having all tiny separate products, which you have to try and juggle whilst doing the model's makeup! Number 8 - Bobbi Brown's face palette has been on my wishlist for absolutely ages, mainly because it's priced at £185 and I can't part with it.. yet. Bobbi herself uses this palette for photo shoots and fashion shows and it looks incredible. It includes 20 shades of foundation (foundation stick), 14 shades of creamy concealer for under the eyes, and 11 shades of corrector for extra dark circles. Numbers 9 and 10 - Louise Young brushes. I already use nearly all her brushes which they have lasted me a good two years now and I wouldn't change them for the absolute world. These two brushes I'm in need of, the new super foundation brush looks like it would be incredible for blending and the tapered eye shadow brush I have been in need of a good one for a while. Number 13 - MAC's pigment. I can't express my love for this product! I've only got one for my kit at the moment which is a sort of copper colour (brilliant for summer tones) they are a bit pricey for how small they are - £15, but they do go a long way. I've had mine for about three years and I've only used a slight dust of it! Lastly, number 16 - Chantecaille Just Skin tinted moisturizer. At £57 I won't be purchasing it anytime soon but I first saw this product in a magazine (some celebrity uses it) I researched a lot about it and read so many good reviews, it's definitely on my wishlist for SS13. It's known for it's good coverage although it has a lightweight texture and, it protects your from the sun! Perfect.      

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