Monday, February 25, 2013

London Fashion Weekend 2013: 22nd February

I travelled to London for the second time this week to attend London Fashion Weekend, which really, turned out to be rather disappointing. I went last February and brought the best ticket, therefore I was entitled to more things; meeting an international makeup artist (who gave such inspirational advice!), drinking the best champagne, interacting and being able to have make-overs by Elizabeth Arden makeup artists, front row catwalk seats and received pretty nice goodie bags. This year I wanted to see in comparison to the 'standard ticket' and I was quite taken back because you do get what you pay for. However, I don't even think it was about the 'standard' of the ticket. The catwalk show which has collections from one particular 'upcoming' designer lasted about ten minutes and saw about two collections. Last year the show went on for about half hour and saw a number of collections modelled by such amazing models and from the designer Holly Fulton, which was incredible! This year, the designer's collections were called 'Twenty8Twelve' which didn't really impress me at all, nothing stood out for me and the models were awful.

Aside the disappointing catwalk show, I took a look around the designer and 'upcoming' designers' clothing you can purchase (which usually are at good reduced prices) but all the clothes I looked at this year were still ridiculously expensive. Still at prices such as £900 for a leather-panel top, a (real) fur waistcoat which I fell in love with, was still about £500. I think the cheapest piece of clothing I saw was around £100 and they were all from designers which aren't known. Last year I brought a Jaeger bag and purse originally over £300 for each and reduced down to £15, so this years prices were quite shocking to see. Here are some photo's I took throughout the day and of my favourite pieces I took of the -unaffordable clothing-..

Overall it is a really good event but I would just recommend in going once every few years and buying the deluxe ticket which is around £145. But again, you definitely get what you pay for!

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